How to lip sync with no wave?

Hi I am making an animation and its someone talking, I imported the wave and am lip syncing it but its very hard because; if I scrub there is no sound the audio channel does not show the wave of the sound to see where the sounds come in

so I am forced to kinda press pplay, try to remember where the sounds come in, animate some frames, then press play again and see how out of sync it is, then try to remember where the vowels and stuff came in and move it all around, then repeat…

its very tedious…

is there not a better way to lipsync built into pencil2d?

starting to feel I am outgroing this already just wanting to have someone talk is a nightmare to actually execture.

thank you for getting me into animation though!!

On the latest stable version of Pencil2D (v0.6.6) If you look at the top right section of the timeline there is a speaker icon with an “S” over it. If you click that so the S is green, that will enable sound scrubbing which will play audio as you scrub/move the playhead. This can help a lot with syncing animation with audio and is the most accurate way to preview the audio timing without exporting the project.


oh my god thank you so much I was about to jump out the window hahahaha

Problem solved! Another day saved by someone who happens to know. Glad you’re getting into animation.

( I also re-categorised this to “Installing Pencil2D / How to” from “Your Stuff” to fit the topic better )

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@jmand In the past I did a private explanation / tutorial on how to use the audio sync and did a limited demo on lip sync. Hope this helps.

I did too a degree that achieved my needs :)

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