How to import sounds

Dear all of you people out there,

 I really wanted to like this app, but for the love of me I cannot upload my voice recorder files on my windows 10 laptop to my animation.  I have tried everything: looking in my documents, converting them to MP3 flies, and so far, nothing works.  I was wondering if you guys had a work around I can use to get my sound in the animation.

Sorry if I sound angry, I have been trying to do this all day

First, make sure you’re using the latest version of the software i.e. 0.6.1

Next, the steps are as follows:
First Add Sound Layer.
Then import sound(File>import>sound).
Locate the file and import.

If this is what you’re doing and are still unable to import, try to see if you can import any other sound file like a song that you may have.

Let me know what works. Ok?

@Marksma convert them into WAV files, as some MP3 converters seem to encode in a different way and Pencil2D can’t read them. Sumit mentioned on the previous post the steps to import sound into Pencil2D; Also make sure you are using the latest version for sound to work.

Hi guys, I am having a similar problem. I used the Microsoft Voice Recorder app on Windows 10 to record sound files for my animation but when I go to import the files they don’t show up. I have tried naming them .mp3 and .wav but they still do not show up as importable file options. Any help or direction you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Nevermind, I found my problem. Microsoft voice recorder uses m4a format.