How to Export pls help

When I export as movie nothing happens, and when I export as image sequence into WIndows Movie Maker the background is black and makes my black stick figure invisible. Can someone please help me with this?

Oh I also just realised when I export as movie it says something about ffmpeg.exe and plugins

You can’t really export your animation into a gif or movie. But you can try doing this

You need to download Blender, a 3D animation program. It’s not really just a 3D animating program. You can also make movies out of it (treat it like Windows Movie Maker or something)

  1. Export your animation to image sequences.

  2. Do this (video) (0:27 to 0:51)

  3. From the add menu, click “Image” and the locate your images that you exported.

I haven’t tried how to export/render from Blender but this might help you.

Yeah, Pencil doesn’t have this kind of thing yet. Let’s just hope that it will.

i am using Blender and it works fine.

So Pencil2D doesn’t have this yet? Seems reasonable, lets all just hope and pray that Pencil2D will have export.