How to export one layer and "mute" another?


I feel like I did this successfully once but can’t replicate. I was really afraid of losing some animation so I created a new vector layer above my first one and started at the beginning again. Now I want to “mute” the bottom layer and export the new layer but when I try to export, both layers come through. How can I either delete what’s in the bottom layer and save the top layer or just switch off the bottom layer to export?


@nilrep Hi! Hmm weirdly enough the visibility toggle should be working for this.

If you clock on the small circle / dot on the left hand side of a layer, you should be able to turn off / on the visibility of a layer. And exporting it like that should only display what’s “visible” either for sound or for drawing layers.

Vector layers I have not tested much and since they are a work in progress they might not give the results you might expect at first.

Now, if you want to somehow separate certain layers on their own files there are two workarounds I can think of:

  1. Save a “master” file which has all the layer. Delete unneeded layers and save as a file with a different name. Then reopen the “master” file and do the same to keep the missing layers.
  2. Save the “master file” which has all layers. Open a new file then go to File > Import > Layers from Project File > Then select the layers you want to bring and Pencil2D should import only those layers into a new file.

For more info on point #2 please check the relevant Pencil2D feature video


Thanks so much! If it continues not to work I will use the workaround you suggest.

Much appreciated, Jenny

It worked this time! Thanks

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