How to export as a movie?

Hello, I’m fairly new to this program and I hear that you can only export on a Mac? Well, if that’s the case then how can I make all my images a movie? Move maker? Personally I don’t want to use Movie Maker because having to select each frame and change how long it takes is pretty tedious work. Is there another program I can use to export all my images as a movie?
I have 144 frames. Thanks!

exporting to video seems to be only partly reliable at this point, and depends on external software. On windows, last i checked, you need to have a ffmpeg.exe program installed into your plugins folder (a folder you probably need to create).

For combining frames that have already been rendered, you can use ffmpeg/avconv (commandline program), or Blender, or Flash, or probably just about any video editor. I’m not sure which gui editors make it easiest in terms of framerate etc…i tend to stick with my comandline, which can be as basic as this
ffmpeg -framerate 30 -i input%03d.png -codec copy output.mkv
or complex to the point of combining it with audio tracks, comments, tags, and tweaking the codecs, bitrate and other aspects of the video and audio.

Thanks man, I’ve just decided to use an older version to export as a SWF then convert it.