How to erase a single layer

(I use Windows 10 64-bit) Is anyone else having trouble erasing a singular layer? I can’t erase unless I start it from scratch every time I mess up. Thanks!

I’ve now uninstalled the app. It’s wayyyy too annoying to keep having to start again and again. And the saving bit keeps messing me up.

@Available Hi. What do you mean erasing a layer? If you delete a layer, the entire layer will be deleted along with all the frames. Is this what you want? FYI you can’t undo this yet (will come on the next version AFAIK)

Right now you can delete all layers except the camera layer (the yellow one)

If you meant “erasing” the whole canvas instead of the “layer”, for this just use the Clear Frame button (recycle bin) on the toolbox or go to Edit > Clear Frame.

To delete keyframes you need to position the playback indicator (the red frame bar) over the frame that contains a keyframe and press either the delete button or use the menu commands. Pencil2D has a lot of commands for most things. Just look at the menus for that.

Regarding the autosave, consider always saving your project at the start to avoid all your animation being kept in RAM and have the autosave kick in. Saving literally dumps the drawing information into your disk so this avoids crashes too due to the RAM getting stuffed.

You can also press the “never ask again” button to make the nagging window go away for the session.

Also in every existing software you can find preference settings to tweak your experience, and pencil2D is not any different.

To access the preferences go to Edit > Preferences | and for the autosave settings get into the Files section and adjust the amount of “modifications” or “steps” you need to take before it gets activated.

Since it seems you’ve already moved on, I’ll just leave this reply here for anyone else with similar questions or issues. We hope you find a program that feels more comfortable for you. Good luck :wave::smile:

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