How to edit the camera layer?

Hello folks!

I’m creating a little animation with Pencil2D but I can’t understand how to edit the camera layer (even after reading the documentation).

My problem: I want to reduce the default frame:

How can I do it?

You can double click the camera layer to change the size, but there is currently not a way to crop/move around the camera. you’ll have to move each frame manually, or crop it in another program <:3

@darckcrystale I’m afraid that this feature was disabled in the past meanwhile developers were reworking how the camera layer behaved with the canvas, and with the export funcionalities. I have already asked them to enable this feature again, but I don’t know how much time it will take to do so.

This only works on version 0.5.4 and below for now. My suggestion is to work your animation by stages. All the character animation work with the latest versions. Once you have that sorted out, create a duplicate file and save it as a .PCL version then open it with the old 0.5.4 version to create the camera work.

I highly encourage you to use a copy because you know from past announcements that the old version tends to crash a lot and wipe clean the files. So ideally you should leave everything ready and finish the camera motion in the old version and then export from there PNG images.

The other way you can do this is to create the camera work in a different program like a 3D app such as blender.

You can import image sequences inside the 3D scene and use a virtual camera to create pans, tracks, dollys, and anything else you require. But I reckon you’d have to learn how to use this app if you don’t already.

@darckcrystale Sorry I didn’t read properly your request, I thought by the diagrams that you wanted to animate the camera. If it’s just to change the frame size it’s as Nicole said, double click the camera layer and change the resolution of the image. sorry for the confusion.

No problem, it was unclear ^-^ Thank you!

@fuzbrain I tried, it worked like you say: I can reduce the frame but not change its position:

Thank you!

@morr Is that possible to edit the camera layer documentation to add information about its limits and how to use it? :slight_smile:

@darckcrystale I think I might be able to edit the docs. I remember the webmaster had eliminated the sidebar so it was almost impossible to get to those documents, but if people are reading it still without it then I’ll try to improve it when I have time.

I found the documentation page when I used Google to search how to do, so I think it could be useful, you could also add in it the videos you make to show how to use Pencil2D :smiley:

Thank you!

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