How to combine the dots?

I made vector lines I need the points to be one.

@Andrey Hi. Welcome to this forum.

Unfortunately Pencil2D vector tools are not sufficiently advanced to do that right now. You cannot currently merge points, for now you could only move them with the finger tool and stick them near together when zooming in a lot.

The vector tools are considered a work in progress by the development team because of cases like this where there are no real operators or tools to create your drawing easily, so it’s important to understand that the experience and familiarity you have with other similar software, might not apply to the current versions of Pencil2D.

If you want to animate with vectors you I suggest you try a simpler animation app like Wick Editor which has an online version that can be used to test it, and a downloadable (beta) version as well. It’s also completely free

I honestly can’t say when the developers will be able to improve the vector tools to simplify and facilitate these drawing processes, but I hope it will happen after other major issues & requirements are fixed and improved.

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