how to change line thichness for pencil, brush and sketch tools

Hi probably I’m not in the right place (sorry!) and probably this is very simple, but I’m stuck on how to change the size (thickness) of a line - changing size has no effect, I have windows xp, also what’s meant by “pressure” if you’re using a mouse.

Please excuse my ignorance, any help greatly appreciated.




  1. Brush size can be changed with the size slider in the option panel (bottom left part of the main window)

  2. The easiest way to change size consists in pressing [shift] key while dragging the mouse pressed over the drawing area.

  3. If you’re using a tablet, pen pressure changes the size of the paint brush and the opacity of the pencil.

Finally, if the size and opacity are not responding to the tablet pen pressure, neither in other graphic applications, try to restart the computer.

Thanks Cirus,

In Pencil v0.5.4 dev your suggestion to change size using the shift key and mouse seems to work, but moving just the size slider has no effect on size.

In pencil v0.4.4b nothing seems to work

Is this a known problem or is it just me?



I’m reading the issue for the first time and I have no clues left so,
please, read the following rcommendation for Bug Reports :

  • Please, give us information about your configuration (Pencil version, OS version, Service pack for Windows, …).

  • Save the content of the Debug Window on and paste the link here ! (copy the console windows to clipboard just after trying to move the “size slider”)

Send it to me, as a private message if you prefer.

Thank you David !