How to add a custom color to Palette?

I need to an RGB 118,249,76 to my color palette, preferable so it is available on to all of my projects. Is there a way to do that? I think when I first started using P2D I found a video that explained how to do it by editing an XML file, but I haven’t found that video again. Maybe I was dreaming.

@dthompson55 Hi, yes you can actually save and load palettes in the Pencil2D Palette format or in the GIMP Palette format.

File > Import > Replace Palette You can completely replace one palette with another

File > Import > Append Palette You can create complex palettes from various sources

File > Export > Palette You will be able to export to either XML or GPL formats

You can also use project templates feature to make your palette the default for every new file you create.

You can see more of the feature highlights in the release announcement as well as known issues you need to look out for.

Additionally I recommend getting the latest development build for your OS to have some of the improvements over those known issues (like the interface text bleeding or sound import difficulties)

Win 64 - Google Drive

MacOSX (10.12+) - Google Drive

Linux pencil2d-linux-2021-01-04.AppImage - Google Drive

You can download it and extract it exactly the same as the release version and you don’t need to delete the other one either, they can exist both in the same computer since you are not installing them in the real sense of the word, though in macOS it might be annoying due to the apps folder so only there could be worth removing the previous version.

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