How do you become an admin

Is there anyway to get a rank on the fourms or something like an admin rank because if there is I would love to know how to get an admin rank or something like that

DId not mean to post this on the my stuff area lol

@Super_pickle Thank you for your interest. There are ranks for sure, however the admin and moderator roles are currently only available for the Pencil2D team. If we ever require more assistance we’ll set a recruitment announcement.

As for more how the current ranking system for users work I think we can ask @J5lx how to get a rank (that way I can learn about it too :wink: )

p.s. I’ll move this topic to an appropriate category as well.

As Jose said, we currently don’t accept any non-team members as admins/mods – there’s simply no need as our forum just isn’t that active.

However we do have a few other groups that you can join, you can find them at Except for the “internal” groups, you can generally join and leave them freely by yourself (only the translators and developers groups are currently request-only because we have not yet reached a final decision on how to handle those (I think), in the meantime feel free to hit the request button if you’d like to join one of those and Jose or I can handle it).

Most of those groups also exist as roles on our Discord server, but to join those you’ll have to ask a mod since Discord doesn’t allow self-assignment of roles. We already discussed the possibility of syncing the Discord roles with the forum groups but as of now that’s still a dream of the future.

P. S. When you join a group you should also get a title next to your username but if that doesn’t work just let us know.

Thank you for the reply jose and j5Ix