How do i trim audio files?

i wanna animate a song but not the whole entire thing, just a part of it, how would i trim the audio?

@joesmemeemporium Hi. Unfortunately Pencil2D is a simple animation editor. To edit your audio you’d need to bring the edited track already cut at the desired beat.

We often recommend people to pair Pencil2D with Audacity (you can download a portable version) or use a video editor to trim the sound track as well.

At some point it may become possible to edit the frame clip in Pencil2D, but this is something that will probably take a long time for the developers to implement.

If you’re in need of an animation software that does cut the sound at a specific frame, maybe you can also try Tahoma2D (unrelated, but also free) which is a bit more robust than Pencil2D, and keep using Pencil2D for quick roughs and doodles.

alright thanks for your help

You can use audacity.

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