How do i make my backgrounds transparent?

I want to create an animation with a transparent background, and I can’t seem to find any documentation regarding this. How do I do this?

@teab0t Hi. By default you always have the alpha channel enabled as the background, however Pencil2D, also by default, has a white canvas representation to avoid forcing users to create a bg layer everytime they start a new file.

If you’d rather see a representation of the alpha channel go to Edit > Preferences > Background > And choose the checkered option.

To exporting you work with an alpha channel, this can only be accomplished by exporting an image sequence with the PNG format. No regular movie type that Pencil2D has can export an alpha channel at this moment except APNG and WEBM formats for web, so if you’re trying to composite different levels of animation in a compositing software, you need to use PNG sequences.


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