How do i download the nigthly build on mac

i think it’s probably just me since iv never used a zip file converter’ but when i open it with file extractor it just gives me a bunch of text on a google doc. what am i doing wrong?

@chiki_fabi Hi. You can download them from this google drive folder: How do i download the nigthly build on mac

Be sure to mind the timestamps, as the latest one at the time of this writing is:

As far as I know you can use PeaZip or any other free zip file extraction software for mac to extract a Pencil2D folder from that ZIP. After that you can drag & drop the on your “applications” folder. I’m not a macOS user so there might be inaccuracies in my description.

After you dropped the app on your applciations folder you need to select the app, right click it and press Open to avoid macOS to block Pencil2D as it is an unsigned application. If you have “Catalina” however, you might need to perform more operations to allow the app to run properly.

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