How do I delete a sound?

Do I have to delete the sound layer? If so, is it therefore best practice to create a separate sound layer for every sound? I’m doing a short video with multiple characters that have different sound files. This will mean a lot of Sound layers.

Hi @Bthis, and welcome.
Choose the sound layer, go to the keyframe where the sound starts and press the ‘minus’ button, for deleting a keyframe. That will remove the sound.

Thank you, David, that worked great! I’m learning so much, and this group is a great resource.

You’re welcome.
You probably know this by now, but if you want to delete the sound layer, you have to use the leftmost ‘minus’ button.
You can have multiple sounds on each sound layer, but not two sounds starting at the same keyframe.
We recommend *.wav files. MP3 files work as well, but they must be coded by the LAME encoding. If you are not sure about the encoding, load the file in Audacity, and export it as MP3 again. It is now LAME encoded.

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