How do I add sound in my animation?

I’m having trouble adding sounds into my animation. I believe I am doing the steps right, but just in case I will be writing them down.

  1. download a sound into a well known easy accessible file.
  2. Create a sound layer in the pencil 2D app.
  3. create a frame in the sound layer.
  4. add in a sound.
    I do perfectly well in the first three steps, but on the fourth is where I run into trouble.
    Not only do I not see my sound file, I can’t find any files at all! no sounds, videos, music, or anything other than empty files that are usually full. If you know a solution, I am anxious for a reply.
    Thank you!

@ninjacookie Hey. Let’s verify a few things first.

  1. Are you absolutely positive you are using the latest version of Pencil2D? If not please download it here:
  2. Currently the only sound file type you can import is either WAV or MP3. If the sounds you are downloading have a different extension (for example .OGG or .FLAC) it won’t work.

If you want to convert the file you can use the free audio editor Audacity ( and once you install it you can open the downloaded sound file, and then export it as a WAV to import it inside Pencil2D

If neither of the previous points apply or help, and you still can’t import a proper sound file we’ll see what other steps we can take to help you further.

You sir are a magician. Thank you for providing such a helpful answer so fast! You are a life saver! :+1:

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@ninjacookie No worries, glad it helped you out.

Just as a precaution, when working with sound and big project files the stress over your computer can be high, so make sure to save different backup copies of your main file. This way you can avoid losing work when there is file corruption after a blackout or if the computer reboots. We have a FAQ file that describes this process along a few tips to prevent losing work in case you’re interested: