How can I save portions to re-use?

Hello, I am not an animator and totally new to this. I am slowly figuring it out, and my reason for learning this program is that I want to make a little cartoon series about my dog that passed away. So it will be a little show, with a few “episodes”. My question has to do with this- I want to have an “intro”,title sequence, theme song, etc, and I want to use the same thing every time, for now. Do I just complete it how I want it, then save it and start the new episode animation after I open it back up? I am not an expert with computers either. Thank you

What you want to achieve is done by video editing. You only have to create your intro video clip once and then just attach it to your episode body video in the video editor. This is very easy and you can look for tutorial with google or in youtube.

There are many free video editing software out there that you could try. Some are even online so you just need to open a website in your browser.