How can I make a scrolling background?


When I use the hand tool, I cannot grasp the background image only. Both the camera and the background are moved by the hand tool.

How can I move the background image only, just like:

@ccwing33 Hey! First of all a small disclaimer: Allow me to note that the video is using a really old version of Pencil2D, and if you were to use it you would encounter might encounter a lot of issues while working with it that have already been fixed.

The latest version however has this feature disabled because it’s being fixed right now. Due to the way Pencil2D worked, right now you can export movies, but you can’t use the camera tweening. So.


  1. Work your animation on the latest version of Pencil2D (September 9th 2017)
  2. Once you’re done and only the background is missing. Save separately a .PCLX and .PCL file with the SAVE AS command. Make a new copy of the PCL file and store it in a different place.
  3. Download the 0.5.4 version on the website front page (it’s below the other versions).
  4. Open the PCL file and import a LONG background on a new layer.
  5. Animate your camera by:
    -Selecting the camera layer
    -Create a new keyframe for the camera layer
  • Go to the last frame of your animation and use the hand tool to move the camera to the new point.

NOTE: With this You are moving the camera frame, NOT the background, thus you would have to move your character as well to convey the motion.

  1. Once everything is done with the BG export an IMAGE SEQUENCE of your animation.
  2. Now open your NEW VERSION OF PENCIL and IMPORT the image sequence on 1’s. Then Export your video normally.

SUGGESTION #2 (Only using the new version of Pencil2D)
This is basically importing your background on a new layer and animating it frame by frame with the marquee + move tool. That means

  1. Import background on new bitmap layer. Select the layer.
  2. DUPLICATE FRAME for background layer
  3. press CTRL + A to select everything on the selected bitmap layer
  4. Use the black arrow tool and MOVE to the direction you want it to slide.
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until you’re done.
  6. Export movie normally.

NOTE: With this method you wouldn’t need to move your character, but only the background.

If you require an automatic method for moving the background, for now, you’d have to do it with a different program. I recommend Synfig or TUPI for interpolated motion. Export the result as an image sequence and then re-import the background animation inside Pencil2D.

Or just Download the nightly build of Pencil2d sept. 23 2017
the latest one.

@chass I answered that like 2 hours before knowing there was a new version lmao. But you’re right they should be able to use it now haha.

Thank you so much

Now i can move the camera from the bottom to the top of my large image.

However, when I export the image sequence, it exports a lot of same image, which doesnt match with my expectation. Is it normal or i made something wrong?

@ccwing33 Ok I just tested this. You’re right seems like a bug. The image became cropped on a random position and the image sequence came out repeated.

For now you’d have to export a movie on the latest version to get it working it seems. If you need an image sequence, load the movie into a video editor and export accordingly.

I’ll report this as soon as I’m able to. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi JoseMoreno is there any up date on this at all ?

@asitis Hi. Umm, you can use the camera to pan over a background. If you want to just move the background while camera remains still then you have to animate the background frame by frame.

Please download version 0.6 of Pencil2D. For the GIF I used the development version from February 28th. You can find either by visiting

p.s. The background is copyrighted and it’s not mine it’s just used for educational purposes.

@asitis As for the result, yes, it’s also working as seen in the following video:

Cheers, I’ll have a try on that