How can i make a 20 min or above cartoon with pencil2d as the frame rate has a limit of 9999

(Eshiett Oto-obong) #1

for some days i have been researching on pencil 2d, i noticed the time frame cannot go above 9999 and by my calculation that is a 6-8 min clip. what can i do to make my clip exceed this time ?

(Jose Moreno) #2

@eshiett1995 Even in professional environments you are not supposed to work an entire animation in a single project file especially if it’s longer than 1 minute. Even if you use toonboom, tvpaint or Pencil2D, should work in SHOTS / CUTS / SCENES. Most of these terms comes from cinema but basically a shot is the minimum audiovisual unit. When you watch movies or animation if you see for example, that you’re looking at a character from above (high angle) and then suddenly it switched to a low angle view, that’s a new “shot”. Any change of “view” is considered a new shot.

You are supposed to name each shot in sequence according to your script and storyboard. Those are necessary steps in a larger production, but even for a single person effort it helps to stay organized.

Note: in some literature and studios you’ll see animators talk about “scenes”, for a traditional animator a scene is basically the “everything” (backgrounds, characters, effects, etc) they have to animate in a shot, so often you’ll see them talking about scenes instead of cuts or shots.

I suggest you review the 2d animation pipeline process so you can make informed decisions about how you want to do your work here’s a decent link where such process is explained.

(Matt) #3

please separate your animation into several smaller clips. It’s not a good idea to work on such a huge project.