How can I load 0.44b ver. files in Ubuntu?

We’ve drawn with Pencil 0.44b in Ubuntu 14.04 and we can’t load files made it completely with Pencil 2D in Ubuntu 16.04. It’s out of position and can’t fix it.
Ubuntu 16.04 uses Pencil 2D at default setting so we now have problems.
How should we do? Just use old ver. to finish? Or is there anything way?

@jippei Hello, hmm this is new information. This has never happened to any of us.

So the problem is that position of drawings is not being retained? Are you copying both the .PCL file (pencil file) and the .DATA folder that contains the drawings to your newer Linux system?

There’s an explanation of pencil files in our FAQ:

As personal advice, If you are working on an important project I’d suggest to try to finish using the same version you used originally (0.44b) in a similar environment (Ubuntu 14.04), remember that Linux systems allow can to run LiveCD’s / USB’s on a computer to run previous Operating Systems and software in case you require that.

For Ubuntu 16.04 there should not be anything special to use the program, however I don’t know if you have tried the Linux Appimage Installer Pencil2D team has been releasing? These installer files for Linux are updated development versions that have been made to fix many issues from the old versions.

The latest one is from July 10th 2017. You can download it here:

The last thing I can offer is for you to upload privately the .PCL file and the .DATA folder which were created exclusively in older versions of Pencil and Pencil2D, and send me a link on a private message so I can take a look.

Without further information this is all I can advice for now. I wish you well and hope you can resolve this issue quickly.

Thanks a lot, Jose! I can see how to do! Probably, we should finish it quickly with same version and will release our work. After that, we’ll be able to ask you to check the problem. Cause after releasing it, we can show any files to everyone, but now we have to close our project until releasing.

Thank you for your kindness. If we can, check it out!