How can I communicate with the Pencil2D moderator?

My post have been curtailed! Why if I’ve broken a rule does the group moderator not get in touch and explain what I’ve done wrong!

You’ve after all, have my email address. You can therefore communicate, without making the communication public.

I’m sorry you feel like your posts are being curtailed, but can you please specify what you mean by that? If you are talking about your posts concerning the standalone .vec conversion tool being split out into a separate topic, that was an action taken because those posts were not related to the original topic, and it was immediately and publicly explained in this post in the original thread. Other than that, I’m not aware of any actions being taken on your posts by any of our moderators. Our moderation log also doesn’t indicate any other actions being taken against you or your account by any of our moderators or by our anti-spam system, and your account is currently in good standing and not restricted in any way as far as I can see.

(Btw, I have moved this topic from the Installing Pencil2D / How to category to Miscellaneous since it doesn’t relate to the software itself.)

Hi Jacob

My recent posts, haven’t been showing up in the Discord stream.

Ah I see, that’s indeed true. I can assure you, though, that this doesn’t have anything to do with you personally; in fact if you look at the feed now you’ll notice that both of your messages in this topic were posted on Discord while mine was omitted… It must be either a software bug or a misconfiguration (though the former currently seems more likely to me based on what I’m seeing). Unfortunately I can’t identify any obvious culprits right now, so it looks like I’ll have to do some digging in order to fix this. I can’t promise anything just yet but I’ll try to come up with something.

In any event, thanks for bringing this issue to my attention!

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