How can a break a wall plss

how can a break a wall plss

@ZEN Hi. You’ve been asking this for some time, but honestly we don’t understand what is it that you want.

Are you asking how can you create an animation where a wall is being broken? If so, the best way is to do this in hand drawn animation is to look for actual live footage reference videos and adapt the real life footage to a drawing.

It’s not something that can be done automatically, at least not with Pencil2D.

On the other hand there is compositing software like After Effects which has a plugin to create a wall and destroy it, but the software costs money and the result is a bit fake looking.

You could try to use Blender 3D which is free, create or download a 3D wall and destroy it.

That said Blender is advanced software, so if you can’t handle Pencil2D, you might feel lost with something as complex as Blender. Nevertheless here’s a tutorial on the cell fracture addon which does just that to a 3D object.

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