how about doing animation together ?

hello I do not know if you will understand what i say,I have an idea to join together and create a group to do a short animation, and I was looking and saw that here in the forum has many animators , what do think of my idea?

i may make other vidios but i got this origanaly fo som thing called haksaks go to

And what do you think of the simplest idea of doing the 51 GREAT ANIMATION EXERCISES TO MASTER with Pencil ?

I was thinking about doing them, while I had the idea to do them on Pencil since it will allow us to test it a lot.

It could be a “community” challenge, we could tell about it in a mailing…

Yes, It’s a Good Idea !!

I love the exercices idea.
I hope to make some. I’m not getting to much time these days to animate. But hey let’s get doing it!!!

Ok guys.
Once @chchwy will be back we’ll try to send a newsletter to “formalize” this !