Hotkeys for colors within palette?

Hello there, this is probably a bit daft, but I just thought about this while working in Pencil2D.

I think it could be quite useful to allow hotkeys to switch between a few of the predefined palette colours on-the-fly. I’m using Pencil2D mainly for the pre-inking stage of animation, so being able to quickly switch between a light shade for loose lines, a slightly bolder colour to refine and a final darker colour for the final details would be super useful.

I’m not sure if many others are using Pencil2D in conjunction with other tools in a similar fashion, but if they are, I’d imagine they’d also find this really useful.

Otherwise; just an idea I’d put out there. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


It is a good idea. It has been suggested before, and is among our issues.

It is impossible to give a date for implementation. We are very few developers.

Thanks for the interest!


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