Hotkey to push existing keys forward

Yeah that pretty much says it. It can be irritating if you made alot of keys and need to move them all around. Looks like since each key is named for it’s frame placement that that could be difficult to set up?

Excuse me, could you explain in more detail?

Yeah sorry about that… Basically maybe you could make a a hotkey so that you make it so to the right of the current location of the scrubber (on working layer) all existing keys go forward one frame… so that you can work on the timing of one section without having to go and move each other key forward as many frames as you created to preserve those sections timing as well… Like maybe a shot would look better if an inbetween was exposed slightly longer or quicker than it is at that moment. To fix that you’d have to move all other keys forward so they keep the same flow.

an opposite effect key should go with it as well… So that frames ahead of the scrubber can be forced to both step forward and back on hotkey presses.

. I see that the frames are saved as pngs in a folder and named after their layer and frame number (Which is amazing, opens so many doors for editing), but when a frame is no longer used, the png is still in the folder, which takes up unneeded space. Not really a problem.

If you do decide on creating a feature like this though., it could create a bucket load of pngs without meaning too, which could be a problem… A feature designed to save (To store all recently worked on Keys) and also check the .data folder and remove any frames no longer used may be ideal with it.

Anyways I think a feature like this, could work great for Pencil. I know it would work great for the way I work.


@kiigen It sounds like the result that you can get by selecting all frames to the right of current and then dragging them to the right, except do it without selecting & dragging…just press a key and everything gets nudged. I’m guessing doing it toward the left would be essentially the same, except the current frame is nudged as well.

As far as file cleanup of deleted frames, the only way i know how to deal with it is to save as a new project (saving over the existing project doesn’t help). It looks like matt has been working on file/folder layout recently, but i’m not sure if this is related.

Oh… I… haven’t even tried selecting frames… I didn’t think you could. Although I tried with the original Pencil, that may have just not been there at the time. Sounds like that’d do what I need.

and the new project saving would definitely do the trick, if I do find way too many leftover files to deal with, so yeah those are just fine workarounds. XD