Hiding Onion Skin...

I want to remove the onion skin as I’m creating and viewing playback, but it appears I can’t any longer in this new version? Can I hide the onion skin?

There are onion skin buttons in the display options panel. Hotkeys for toggling onionskin are o for previous frame and alt+o for next frame.

It should be disabled during playback, and i thought it was (goes to show how much animating i actually do). I’m guessing it will be sorted eventually.


I literally just made an account to thank you.

Im on windows so I cant export the animations I thought I would just use a screen recorder and record it playing to save it, but I couldn’t figure out how to disable onion skinning.

Therefore , I have been using tupi ( a bad program) for my animations

thank you :wink:

You can hide the onion skin by selection Edit-Preferences-Tools, change opacities to zero.