Hi devs !

Hi developpers !
@chchwy, @jose

How are u ?

I was wondering if you could tell us a little more about what’s going on with Pencil2D.
On what are u working actually; is there a “plan”, a roadmap defined ?

Well, I would be glad to have some news from you !

Thanks guys !


Hi, Gordie

Sorry for the late reply. I was swamped with work in August, so I slow up the pencil2d development. And I’ll be back about mid-September.

@jose is continuously improving Pencil2D in these weeks, I have just released a new nightly build which contains most works of @jose recently. Thanks for his great work.


Fine, thank you @admin and @chchwy

I was so busy recently, sorry for my late answer!

I’ve just finished a sort of “bitmap smudge” so, right now, it’s requiring beta-testing.

I haven’t decided yet a new task but I’ll expose what I think more convenient for P2D, from my own perspective:

Graphic editor:
a. Smudge (almost finished – may require a final polish and adjustments)
b. Freehand selector

Animation editor:
a. Add vector interpolation (useful to simplify some animation tasks and add shape effects)
b. Undo enhancement: frame(s) deletion…

a. Improve the interface design
b. Add different concepts of grids ( for motion and perspective reference )
c. Add a “losseless liquify” (similar to smudge but without smoothing). It’s useful for lipsync, face animation and natural effects.

To finish, I can’t guarantee I will have time enough to accomplish all the tasks from above but: who knows?


I wouldn’t be able to contribute without Matt’s regular assistance and it’s programming experience helped me a lot ! I hope people do finally realize how complete is Matt Chang’s dedication to the Pencil 2D project !

Congrats @chchwy !


Yes, I think @chchwy is the guy here :slight_smile:
Thanks to you both ! (and to the others contributors !)

Given that some of the above features have been solved and new suggestions were posted since then, here is my new updated TODO list



  1. Dynamic brush resizing(DONE BASIC VERSION): adapt the size to the zoom scale.
  2. Undo for time-line operations.
  3. Add a freehand selection tool
  4. Fix the export size problem (commented by @kaiko): Exports seem to be limited to a given size.


  1. Add grid references (DONE BASIC VERSION): enhancement to professional grid.
  2. Bitmap smudge (DONE BASIC VERSION): Smooth seems finished but the liquify option requires a non-pixel-destructive enhancement with interpolation.
  3. Hidden onion-skin while previewing
  4. Change the layer stack ordering: they’re actually inverted.
  5. Add vector interpolations with ease-in/out between frames. Complicated but convenient for some tasks.
  6. Interface design Improvement


  1. Invert painting colour (using [X] or [TAB] key): it seems more useful than swapping fore/bkg colours and it allows complementary colour selection, which is good for design and art works.
  2. Add a symmetrical drawing option: useful for concept design and to stimulate inspiration. A must for some artists.
  3. Independent layer panning: will allow to animate layer positions (like camera)
  4. Automatic z panning when camera moves, according to horizon distance. (prev. point 3 helps)
  5. Render for 3D visualization: allows animation for 3D screen, glasses or cross-eye visualization. (prev. point 4 helps)

This reduced list is based on my own experience, perspective and capabilities given my available time and resources. I hope to have time enough to complete them all but I can’t even promise to finish the half part.

I want to thank you for all your hard work. I’m really happy how Pencil2d is going.


It’s a honour to contribute in making life easier
and happier, thank you so much !

… and congrats for your great art works !


Your list is just a whole new path for Pencil, improving its already implemented tools and adding some new capabilities.

Just a fantastic job.

I believe from now to two years at the most, some of these tools adn improvements will be of a great help for those willing to create animations/images.

Thank you to the developers, @Matt, @Cirus… for the last work!


I’m getting busy with other tasks right now,
I hope I can be back soon.

Thank you all for your support !