I lost lots of animated footage and the software said to come her so, I animated over ten seconds and it shows parts of it had an error i need help getting it bACK

@fat Sorry to hear that, there’s a guide on the forum to help with extreme cases, however it’s not always 100% possible to recover all the work; it depends on how the file was damaged.

I will say that the best solution for these cases is always to be prepared and have extra backup copies of your work. I’d rather lose 5 minutes of work than 5 days and we do this a lot in professional environments; quite frankly one can’t trust blindly that any tech will not fail (look up murphy’s law) and it hurts more when you’re paying for it and have to turn in deliverables on a tight schedule :sweat_smile: (I’m looking at you Adobe Animate :eyes: )

Anyway If you’re using Windows, most of the recovery techniques will apply. If you’re using macOSX or any flavor Linux OS’ it will be a bit more difficult to get something back.

Lastly make sure you are using the most recent version of the software which has improvements on how the files are saved, otherwise using any older version will definitely have a higher risk of work being lost (though even with new version if you have a blackout while saving your work will be damaged)

Lastly if you want to change software here’s a list of alternative apps you can try afterwards

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