Help with Sound

I’ve been working on an animation, and addition of sound if very inefficient. I recorded myself talking, and then animated over it, but every time I want to fix a mistake with the speaking, I have to go back to the beginning and re-listen to the whole thing. It will not let me start in the beginning of a sound recording, so that makes what I am doing tough.

Is there a way to start in the middle of a sound file? Or can you add that in the next update? Thanks!

Nicholas Walsh

@cartoonutopia Hey, yes this was fixed in a recent update, but there’s still a few issues that have to be corrected by the devs before releasing a proper build. You can see the commit here:

While we wait, I can only suggest you to use a video editor that supports frames to properly preview sound. You’d have to export all the animation as a png sequence (this is recommended) and load it on the video editor along with the sound. This way you can scrub the sound and annotate mistakes to fix over at Pencil2D. Be mindful of the FPS you’re exporting at though, because that’s what you would need to work with on the editor.

I recommend Shotcut, which is free or KDENLive which got a beta for windows released recently. If these are too much I also have used Blender to edit videos and you can import videos and image sequences there. Despite being a 3D modeling application it has compositing and editing modules integrated, and it’s also Open Source.