Help with repeating frames

So I accidentally activated a feature that makes a frame duplicate and I cannot delete the duplicated frames. the timeline looks like thisframes the frames with no rectangle are the repeating frames. how do I undo this and how do I make the repeating frames on purpose in case I want a frame to repeat.

The rectangles in the timeline are keyframes that will stay activated until you have another keyframe that is blank. So to make those empty frames blank, create a new blank “rectangle” (keyframe) directly after them.

[EDIT: This was supposed to happen, so it’s not a thing you can activate/deactivate]

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Unfortunately the screenshot doesn’t say much, but from your description it seems you are experiencing either one of two features.

  1. Pencil2D automatically exposes a drawing and propagates it through the timeline until the next frame container is added. This is an essential feature for animation, not a bug, because it doesn’t force you to create additional duplicate drawings that you want to show on the timeline. If you don’t want the empty frames showing the previous drawing simply add a blank frame next to it and it will repeat itself instead.

  2. The other possible feature that you could have activated is called the Onion Skin feature. This allows people to see previous or after drawings in relation to the current frame.

    To activate / de-activate You can:

  • Use the top bar menu > VIEW > Onion Skin > Previous Frame / Next Frame.
  • Use the shortcuts which are ALT + O (Previous Frame) and the letter O (Next Frame) respectively

Sorry didn’t see you had already replied to this thread. I think this is the correct answer as well. Thanks for helping out!