Help with image size when exporting file as gif

i am new to pencil2D and the whole computer animation thing.
when ever i go to export a file as a gif or really anything at all, the saved gif always cuts off the bottom half of the animation and stretches the animation on the horizontal but the thumb nail for it shows the hole image.
i have found myself struggling with this for over an hour, and i have trying looking up something on my own but have found nothing of much help.
dose anyone know how to fix this?

@ellyona if possible can you let us know which version of Pencil2D you are using?

Also, please post either a video or a screenshot of how the workspace looks on your computer as well as the resulting problem.

If you can’t record a video, You could record an animated GIF of your desktop while showing your issue by using free software like LiceCap

after some tinkering around i found that the problem was my computers viewer not the program it’s self, thank you away,

@ellyona No worries. If you have other issues let us know. I’m marking this topic as solved then.