Help Please, I can't turn the image off. It runs through my entire project

I needed 2 frames of a background image, (third layer) and yet it keeps showing up through the rest of my project. I can’t seem to figure out how to just keep the image to those two frames. Once it is put into a key frame, it is a constant companion- even though I have it for two frames only. I use a Mac, Mohave -

@Sekmet Hi. Hmm just so you know, Pencil2D automatically exposes any keyframe to infinity. To make any keyframe to stop showing create a blank keyframe after it.

This is the same as if you were filming drawing cels in a real studio, if you leave the same drawing to be filmed it will continue to show up until the end of the film, so you put a transparent cel and remove the previous one.

Other than that if you still have issues please at least post a screenshot of the entire interface or even better record a quick video of the issue so we can suggest different workarounds based on accurate visual information

Oh, thanks - I knew it had to be something simple and known because there were no topics on it. Thanks for the bit of education. Cheers!

@Sekmet No worries, to be fair Pencil2D is missing a lot of documentation, and there is stuff that us as maintainer don’t even know about, but we hope to improve on this eventually.

As a last word advice, make sure to save extra backup copies of your work after you hit any particular milestone in your work. We’ve had a minotrity of people complain about losing work after a blackout or other issues, and while we have a partial recovery guide the software does not have advanced recovery tools implemented yet so it’s better to just prevent you form losing too much in the first place, so we hope this habit can help you use Pencil2D much more comfortably as well should the program fail.

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Yes, thanks for the advice. I intend to finish the project with Final Cut Pro so I habitually upload the images in sequences for each segment of the work. I have to say, I really love your program, Pencil2D. I am beyond grateful for the time and energy you all have put into this. So far, I have been able to do everything I can imagine with it.

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