Help! My animation is corrupted... I need help

Hello. I’ve been working on an animation for a month, but now Pencil 2D won’t read the file just as I was approaching the end. File size is still ok, it is around 9MB, so I doubt that the data has been lost. I’ve seen that, with another user, you were able to send the file to the developers who managed to restore it. I’d ask you if you could do the same with my animation.

Hi @Edoardo

You can send me the project file, then i’ll take a look and see what’s going on.

Just send me a private message on the forum and upload the file. You should be able to upload the project file in a message, if you for whatever reason can’t, try and send me the download link.

You can also try to extract the content yourself, the project file is a simple zip wrapper. You should be able to change the extension of the file to .zip and extract the content.

Thank you very much. I shall try both possible solutions. I’m a bit embarassed to ask but… how do I write a private message?

Click on my name or here
and click on the “message” button.

I tried but no “message” icon seems to appear. I tried to click on my icon and on the little letter icon, but it doesn’t allow me to write, it seems

Ah well I’m sorta new to Discourse myself so bare with me too D:

I’ve messaged you, see if you can reply :wink:

It only allows me to upload images

Alright the conclusion here is that it’s a bug and I’m not sure why or how it happened…

The main .xml file seems to have been deleted somehow. I’ll report the issue on our tracker and hopefully we can look into it ASAP.

@Edoardo I forgot to ask, what version of penci2D were you using?