Help me, I need to copy paste keyframes

hey everyone, so im pretty new to these forum things so sorry if i am doing it incorrectly, anyways i am trying to do a animation and sometimes it looks pretty sloppy having to draw the same thing over and over again, so how can I copy and paste a keyframe?


New frame


Another thing to remember is that, if you wish to copy only a certain part of a frame, use the select tool (the box made of a dotted line) to select an area that you would like to copy. Then you copy, “Ctrl C” go to the next frame, and paste, “Ctrl V”.

I learned something new yess (I’m still not going to use it until I can get sound cri)

@xsilvwolf You might want to read my reply to another user who also didn’t get sound, and didn’t manage to read the troubleshooting FAQ that’s on the forum. I’ll just copy+paste it here because to be honest my reply is a bit easier to follow for a beginner. Also I got sound with version 0.54b. The one that says is stable on the download page:

"Well the thing is, right now Pencil is incapable of importing sound as it is, unless you tinker with the program itself.

The link that Sfepa suggested, might work depending on your system. I’ve tried it and it works on mine (Windows 7). Qt is a software development environment, so it’s safe to get the outlined software packages.

Now since it’s annoying to download the whole 260 mb package just for a few plugins I managed to trim it down to the essentials (a.k.a the needed plugins)

Here’s a link to a zip file containing all the files.

1) Go to your C:\ drive and create a folder named “Qt” (without the quotes)
2) Inside the Qt folder, extract the downloaded zip file
3) Afterwards it should look something like this:


After doing the previous steps, launch pencil again and do the following:
1) Create a new “sound layer”
2) With the layer selected import a .wav sound file for testing purposes.
3) On your bitmap layer create a new keyframe on a faraway frame.

Let’s say if your sound has a duration of 2 seconds, you have to make your new keyframe on frame 48, while using 24fps play rate.
4) Click the play button, and see if it works!

Hope this helps, cheers!"

I’m crying because I’m on a mac

HOLY- IT WORKED AHAHAH now let me just mess around with it so that it’s not completely broken.


And what if that doesn’t work?

@3mb3rFlam3 This is a super old thread. Newest Pencil2D version had a different problem with copy paste. I you want to copy paste try the latest development version where that issue is fixed.

The nightly builds are always publicly available at

Here’s a direct link to the latest ones for each major system:

If you want to duplicate a frame that’s different, use the “duplicate frame” button on the timeline or in the animation menu > duplicate frame, when the red marker is ON the actual keyframe box thing that has the drawing you want to duplicate.

Right now you can’t copy multiple keyframes, but there is some work done for that which will be implemented this year, hopefully.