help from Italy

I installed windows version and I’d like init with samples. Someone can send me any samples or where I can download some samples ?

@fasi Greetings Silvio, I’m not sure what you mean with “samples” Perhaps you mean examples that display the software capabilities? If that is the case I’m afraid there are none.

At most I can direct you to our Tutorials & FAQ page to cover some basics on how to use the program:

Pencil2D FAQ

Pencil2D Tutorials

However Pencil2D is a hand-drawn digital animation software, there aren’t complex tools to work with like OpenToonz, or ToonBoom, just drawing tools, a timeline (horizontal “x-sheet”) a color palette and regular pencil tester functions.

Sound is not possible right now due to the few developers trying to improve how the sound works in multiple platforms, which will take a while.

Hope this helps you.