Help exporting video?

Hi Pencil2D Community,
Today, I made a small animation on Pencil, but I have no luck exporting it as a .wmv, which is the format needed to import it to my Windows Movie Maker. I found a tutorial on YouTube by WreckAToons showing how to make a new folder called “Plugins” and downloading and copy and pasting ffmpeg.exe into the folder. I did it, but still no luck. But, I know I could had not done everything exactly.

I tried exporting the images to Tupi, another animation software. It only allows the images to be imported through a Bitmap, which only puts all images in one frame. I’ve tried using a video converter, which took forever to import everything, so I gave up on that.

Can somebody please help me? I made a previous video using Tupi, which I used successfully and uploaded it to my Vimeo channel. I wanted the next video to be made through Pencil2D, but for me, it’s the hardest thing. What could make me content if I could just find a simple way to convert my Pencil images into a video.

@abisert Hi, developers are finishing the final touches on the movie export function, so it’s not available just yet. If you’d like we have some tutorials to export though a free third party program as painlessly and as fast as possible.

If you still want to test how the movie export is going you can download the latest test build for Pencil2D here:

Bear in mind though that with the latest test version you can only export about 8 seconds of animation so far directly from the program, no wmv though, but you should be able to convert it to wmv without issues.

The duration limit is something that is being worked upon. Hope this helps.

Oh, okay. Thank you so much.

@morr Hi. Somehow, I did found way to export my video. So, thank you. I’m fine.