Help? A colour's gone

To be honest, I really like Dark Cyan, but I mis-clicked, and it’s gone. Is there anyway to get this (or any colour) back?

@GYRO101 Hi, sorry we’ve been busy with our day jobs and this almost slipped past by me as well.

Pencil2D has a default color list that it loads every time. In the new version you can save your own color palettes, load them back and even make them the default.

However if you delete a color it’s gone for good for the session. Unfortuantely right now there’s no way to undo this. There are WIP improvements to the undo system for future versions that will allow you some interactivity with the palette but while this area is improved, for now you’ll need to either:

  1. Reload a saved palette with your lost color
  2. Recreate the color you lost from “scratch” (if you used the color on your canvas at any point, you can simply use the color picker and create a new color swatch based on that :smiley: )

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