I hate pointing out bugs … but just for feedback: I have been using the old pencil for a while and have found workarounds for it’s quirks. … So, Win 8 warned me that downloading Pencil 2D could cause harm to my nice new computer (it didn’t) but most things I tried to do on it so far don’t work (or work sometimes). I was a programmer (now retired and loving it) so I sympathise but I think I’ll wait for a more stable version before I get my feet wet. Also (not complaining, just feedback) I find this forum a bit of a pain to navigate (ok it’s probably me) … …

I do wish you all the very best in your efforts … and will be watching :slight_smile:


… just an update … it’s working fine now … THANK YOU ALL … you have solved many of the old pencil quirks! Now I can do stuff in spite of Win 8 :slight_smile: