Hello - new user (Post your "hello world" here)

Guess this topic had to be made anyway…

Hello everybody, ZZDas from the other forum. Glad Pencil found a new home!

Hi ZZDas!

Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

This topic was right waiting for you to be made…
I know you will be of a great help around here.

So Welcome!

(pois é… isto por cá tem outra vida)

Hey @ZZDas, welcome to the new Pencil forums, we’re glad that Pencil is back as well, whatever help we can provide as peers let us know, i’m not a Dev, just an animator that wants to savour some digital animation without the expensive acrobatics of <insert big studio name here>.

If you find a bug / erratic behaviour , you find something sueful to be implemented in the software or just something plain cool, let us know in the forums or report / request it through the GITHub, you can also post your works in the Your Stuff section of the forums, the important thing here is that we can get as many people interested in the proyect again, in order for Pencil to be resurrected properly, if you can find developers that are willing to invest their precious time in Pencil, have them come!

Anyway, once again, welcome and have a blast! take care!

Hey, @zzdas, happy to see you here!


Very well done!.. You are so motivated that we all tend to feel that way. And you are right!

By the way, would you mind to show me which is the best way to post a bouncing ball-test-video here? How, is the main thing


@kaikoAll together now…” a la Optimus :wink:

(oxala seja dessa vez)

@morr Indeed, let’s get this thing rolling!

@chchwy Thanks…Happy to see that someone it’s making this real, Thank you!


(sim, oxalá seja desta vez)

Hello World,

I am buexe and just joined to say hello and thank you for reviving pencil. I love the simplicity of it and hope that it will always be that way. I have a background in animation ( mostly 3D ) but also programming ( C++ plug-ins for Autodesk Maya ) so maybe some day I will be able to contribute on different levels. For now I will spread the word and use it as often as I can.


Thank you all so much for working on Pencil… The tiny brush cursor was really making things difficult for me… and I am grateful to finally have that fixed. It has made a big difference.

Hi, i am illustrator and game artist . I am using animation in my work , at the moment made in Flash because of programmers requirements , but i was always dreaming to make cartoons. This animation giants are too expensive for hobbyist and Pencil can be the solution. I’ll try to contribute as much as i can.

Thank you for your work!! Good luck!

Hello everyone,
Glad i found Pencil2D forum. I’ve been waiting for Pencil development like forever. Now i’m happy that someone can fork it :slight_smile: thank you for your hardwork Matt Chang.
Anyway, Blender.org had been developing short movies and coding for years, and gain positive respons from their crowd funding. Does Pencil2D have plans to do the similar open movie concept? I would love to participate :slight_smile:

Johan T.H. | oha-studios.com

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So far, this site is the most frustrating, broken thing I’ve ever seen. The links to animator tutorials do not work in Win 7, either IE or Firefox. All that’s working are the “how to build Pencil2d” links.

Hello all, my name is Garry,

I used the older original pencil, for several years. Don’t get much time to do any real , full animated movies or animations, with a 61/2 days a week ,full time job. to make a living, and family to feed, but anyway I do enjoy “playing” with it when I get a chance,…so now just the other day, I decided to download and try the new Pencil2d, which seems to be working fine, for me. Don’t mean to sound rude, but in referance to the “this site is broken”, or something like that, well , it seems to be working fine for me , but I am not using a broken OS (Win 7, either IE ) and browser, using Linux, and chromium it works fine. Thanks for keeping pencil open source, and also the effort to keep a support site working,

Hi @garryr, and be welcomed here !

Hello Pencilians… :smiley: