Hello! and ? on Timeline and Keyframes!


First post here to a wonderful community! I have some interest in helping out in the development of Pencil, but I have limited programming skills, although I have downloaded the QT IDE and started taking a look at the code (only took one CS course in college, thankfully we took it in C++).

The feature I want to implement is quite simple, yet it would improve workflow for animators immensely (I’m actually an animator with programming interests :stuck_out_tongue: )

The feature is a simple cut and paste of the selected keyframes in the timeline. A new button for “Copy Selected Keyframes” and another for “Paste Selected Frames” and even a “Cut Keyframes” would be a great help. Also a way to select multiple keyframes via a dragbox instead of single clicking.

I believe there was a post already in the Ideas section on this, however I would be more than happy to spend time on this myself, if anyone can point me to the relevant files and libraries in QT to start with I’d be glad to help.