Hello and a couple bugs I have seen

When I signed up I saw:
WordPress database error: [Duplicate entry ‘2-0’ for key ‘PRIMARY’]
INSERT INTO wp_wysija_user_list (user_id,list_id,sub_date) VALUES (0,2,1424108144)

Absolutely wonderful looking program! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

I ran the program and it seemed to work really well except for one thing: I selected the Vector layer and then the pen. This worked great too until I maximized size the pen could be (like 200.4 if I remember correctly). Then I did one quick circle in black, changed the color to blue, did another circle which showed up broken (ie: gaps in it in some locations), did another (ok), and then did a third one. Upon doing the third circle (ie: just swipe the pen in a circle) - the program hung up. Not sure why but first guess would be it was trying to allocate memory when it died. At least that is what it looked like it was doing - but it could be anything.
Anyway, thought you guys should know.