Handdrawn things

hello! here are some stuff i made of my main characters crumpledmendukeitoutalittle


versus3 (1)


Great stuff! Really smooth and nice style.

I always feel a bit envious when I see nice animation that looks like they didn’t have to do the whole “skeleton of shapes” thing I’ve found myself a bit stuck in recently.

I hope to see more, thanks for sharing :smiley:

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thank you!! i understand though, i actually still use construction lines but i just integrated them into my messy sketchy style so it seems like i never used them. the process still has a lot of trial and error

mostly in animation, the feeling of flow is my main concern rather than keeping things anatomically correct. i hope you well in improving, it gets very fun to experiment once you get the gist of animating movement!

These are really well done! You should try to fully finish one and see its result!

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