[GUI] Exchange zoom and Framecounter

I am getting old and my eyes are getting bad. Could you please exchange the position of zoom and the Frame counter? And could the Frame counter be made a little bit bigger? Double or trice as big.

btw. Schlüssel means Key in german, but it should not be translated, because the name “keyframe” is very important in animation and it is the correct term.

Thank you! FraFra

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@FraFraFrankenstone Hey. Translations are contributed by users, the Pencil2D team only maintains the English translation. If you want to contribute to the German translation you can check this site

Regarding changing the frame counter, yes I fully agree it needs to be moved to the center of the timeline or at least where the zoom slider is located at the moment. It’s very hard to see the frames on the right side and I also agree the font should be substantially larger.

Though having this changed requires someone with availability to do it.

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I have logged in there and have seen, that there are already 11 people in the german team. I will contact the coordinator of the teams, but i wont translate permanently here.

I also speak German and this idea that Schlüsselbild is an inappropriate translation seems a bit baseless to me. For example, the German Wikipedia article about the concept is called Schlüsselbildanimation and lists Keyframe only as an alternative term, and both Blender and Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) for example also use the term Schlüsselbild in their German translations.

Whether it’s a good idea to abbreviate Schlüsselbilder to just Schlüssel in the timeline is a different question though, but one that applies not just to the German translation but also to the English original.

Fine, then i dont need to contact the coordinator of the translations.


Hopefully this can be used.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that won’t do. As it says in the description, that’s a component used to add animations to Qt Quick user interfaces. Pencil2D does not use Qt Quick for its user interface, and even if it did, adding animations to it would not help enlarge the frame counter or swap its position with the zoom control. We already have the tools needed for that, what we need is for a volunteer with free time to sit down, roll up their sleeves and get to work on those changes.

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Oh, it seems i have underestimated the amount of work for this task. Thank you, for clarifikation! I am beginning to learn lua and i am not familiar with c++.

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