Grid on platform

how do I get rid of this grid?

@New_animator Hi, here are some ways to toggle the grid

Release Version

  1. Press the G key on your keyboard
  2. Go to the topbar menu > View > Grid

Development Versions

  1. Go to the topbar menu > View > Overlays > Grid

  2. Press on the Grid button in the toolbar

p.s. I’m moving this thread to the appropriate category. For other questions please use the #support category of this forum since #ideas is only meant to suggest & discuss potential features. Thanks in advance.

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thank you cause I saw some other stuff like this here, but new so I didn’t really know where to put it thanks @JoseMoreno, and I didn’t forget to mention if you look at my screenshot there is no grid button

also I think I might be getting better at this so I might change my username if I can

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