Gradually resize and move a layer

I’m trying to draw a person gradually walking towards the camera (i.e. needs to get bigger). Is it possible to draw the person on a “person” layer all the same size and have movement and resizing handled by the layer?


@Calvin There are a few ways I can think to solve this with Pencil2D.

  1. If your final video size is for example 960 x 540, make the person character at least 2 to 3 times bigger than that. Then use the camera layer, select it, and on the first camera keyframe zoom out, this will make the camera to move away from the canvas so you can zoom out enough so the character looks small. Then go to another frame, create a new camera keyframe and zoom in the camera until you reach the desired size. Since you already drew the character bigger, it will not become pixelated, but be mindful of zooming in and out with even numbers (e.g 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%) Pencil2D will interpolate the camera auomatically so you don’t have to animate the scaling.

If you need for the character to be walking towards the camera along other elements (like a background) You can do this on a separate file, export a sequence of PNG image files and import them into a new layer on your master project.

  1. Similar to the previous step create the person walking at a bigger size than the final resolution. Then from the last keyframe in time, start down scaling / resizing down the character and create a new keyframe on your drawing layer for each downsizing step. This is a bit more manual, but should work the same. It’s always better to downscale than to upscale and if you have a start size and an end size using onion skins should help get it right.
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