German Translation

I’ve gone through the translation directory a couple weeks back and added most of the translations for German. However a good deal of the entries struck me as outdated and/or awkward, not to mention the presence of several duplicates. I left out a couple for now that seemed nonsensical (seriously, file extensions?) or where the context wasn’t entirely clear.

If any of the developers feels up to it, someone should probably have a look over the list and perhaps update it as needed. I’ll be happy to provide any missing translations and answer questions.

@misc Thank you for helping out with that Misc! To be honest I had the same doubts when going for the spanish translation. It seems though that there are separate entries for hidden elements that will become available later, as wel as some features that are part of the preferences as well as the UI.

our lead developer Matt told me once that he could clear that up if I made a list of any words I had doubts. but I’ve been very busy. In your case I think if you made an organized list in a word procssor and pasted a link in this thread we could ask Matt to take a look.

Anyway, thanks for helping out! :slight_smile: