Fun animation: Animating water is tricky

Get Out! Animation


Looking good bro. How long did it take to figure out the water animation?

Quite a while. I kinda had no plan, and just made it up as I went.

kinda like me haha! i just make it up

Reminds me of Animator V Animation for some reason

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my favorite one! that battle was epic! i re-watched it like 4 times!

also probably because they had a water battle at one point… do you remember the episode where they discovered the virabot lab?

@Jordan_River_Studios, now that you mention it, it does kind of look like that.

yeah, the water battle from avaV (on the last part, episode 4)

It was Animator VS Animation 5- I think Alan Becker is number 1, the GOAT when it comes to independent animation, and number 2, the go-to for animation tutorials for upcoming animators. That dang anime-like fight was crazy between the stick figures,

yeah! he’s no.1! the goat