Frameviewer in pencil2d

What about adding a feature for viewing all the frames, from start to the last frame? But it seems like there is a way to do this actually. It’s called Image sequence.

Tip: don’t put a image sequence on your desktop if there’s too many.

@Bignoob Do you mean something like Key Frame Caddy did for flash?

If so, what would you use it for?

If that’s not what you mean, can you describe a bit more what it is and how you would use it while working?

Yes! Something like this. Even flipaclip have such feature.

I am used to this. It helps me to see my images without having to slide the bar too much. Helps me to identify what make my my animation smooth, what’s missing from which image( let’s say I drew a mouth with 5 teeth at the top and on the next I realized easily there’s four). What if I have download a 7 second animation, I can also view from the ech frame from the frameviewer. There many ways I can list what this can be used for.

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@Bignoob Well in Flip there are timeline thumbnails, those are also going to be made part of Pencil2D once the timeline is remade to accommodate them.

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If this is to be added to Pencil then please make it something NOT enabled by default.

I would want it that way too, like if they make it kinda hidden. Accessing it whenever you wish to.

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