Frames per Second go under 1

Hi dear pencil2D team! I am trying to make an mapping series, but I am having a problem. 1 second for every frame isnt enough for people to be able to read what I wrote. Is there a way to make each frame be pictured for more than 1 second? I would need about 4 seconds per frame. (edit)I did find a way to do it actually, so problem solved (kinda).

Generally, you do not want to lower your frame rate below 12 fps as some video players can have trouble playing such files. Instead you should be taking advantage of Pencil2D’s automatic frame holding behavior. When you add a key to the timeline, that layer will continue to show that key until the next key. So if you want a frame to last 4 seconds, and your project fps is 12 fps, you put one key at frame 1, and then add your next key 12*4 frames later at frame 49, and so on. This also gives you the flexibility to easily adjust the timing of individual frames if you decide you want to do that later.

You could acheive your required result, by using presentation software such as LibreOffice Presentation.

You can then export your complete presentation as a movie file, in mp4 format.

This type of software, defines slide timing in seconds. I hope this message is helpful.

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