Frames not updating until I turn on the move tool

Actions such as Undo/Redo, Drag, Resize, Copy/Paste etc. don’t actually do anything until I activate the move tool. About a half second after I activate it the frame updates, and I can continue drawing. It makes it really tedious to work frame by frame, because if I do anything wrong I have to switch into the move tool after making an action.

I am using a Vekik tablet, in case that makes troubleshooting any easier.

Thanks for the help.

@TreeanuLeeves Hi. I’m not sure the tablet is the problem. But if you’d like try out other free software like Krita or OpenToonz on your system and let us know if you get similar “laggy” behavior. I’m mentioning this because those two are built with similar technologies used by Pencil2D, so if you have trouble with those, then it could be either a problem with the base tech or it could be related to your specific computer environment.

In these cases it’s important for us to have complete information so the developers can reproduce more accurately the issues that are reported. As such please let us know:

  1. Current OS brand & version (e.g Windows 10, macOS Mojave 10.1x, Ubuntu Linux 16.10, etc)
  2. Current version of Pencil2D as indicated in the about dialog. Go to Help > About > Press “Copy to clipboard” and paste the info here (it should contain point 1 as well)
  3. What is the exact Brand & Model number for your graphics tablet. You mention Vekik…which is one i’ve never heard of unfortunately, so chances are it’s less supported by the base tech Pencil2D use. However learning about the model number can help developers find associated issues with drivers and similar software.
  4. Does the same issue happen with a mouse? or it only happens with the tablet?
  5. If your tablet has a “mouse mode” and you enable it, does the problem still occur?

Also please read this answer I gave to someone yesterday, as it contains general tablet recommendations and while some are related to wacom tablets, try to follow the same steps for your own tablet specially if you have a Windows OS:

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